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New course

Data fetching with React Server Components

See how this exciting new primitive simplifies your data-fetching code.

Building a users tableFree

Lesson 14:55

Use Prisma to fetch data directly inside of a Server Component.

Adding server-side paginationPro

Lesson 27:26

Use query params to paginate the list of users.

Polishing the pagination controlsPro

Lesson 316:17

Use Prisma's count function to build out the pagination area.

Adding client-side searchPro

Lesson 49:19

Create a Client Component that re-renders the users table whenever a user types in the search field.

Preserving query params across interactionsPro

Lesson 518:30

Refactor our URL logic to maintain all parameter values using URLSearchParams.

Adding Loading UIPro

Lesson 63:44

Render an instant loading screen while a Server Component fetches data.

Adjusting the loading boundaryPro

Lesson 76:46

Use a custom Suspense boundary to instantly render the static parts of a page.

Showing pending UI during searchPro

Lesson 83:42

Use a React Transition to render a spinner while a Server Component is updating.

Coming soon

Lesson 9

Debouncing client-side search

Wait until the user finishes typing before querying the database.

Recently completed

Tailwind Mastery

Learn Tailwind CSS from scratch by building a pixel-perfect Discord clone.

A taste of TailwindFree

Lesson 19:08

Get acquainted with Tailwind's utility-first approach by building a custom message component.

Scaffolding a multipanel layoutFree

Lesson 27:47

Use Tailwind's Flexbox utilities to make an application layout with fixed and flexible panels.

Making nested panels scrollablePro

Lesson 34:59

Choose which Flexbox panels should scroll when their contents overflow their container.

Customizing colorsPro

Lesson 43:32

Learn best practices for overriding and extending Tailwind's default colors with your brand’s palette.

Adding custom fontsPro

Lesson 56:44

Override the default typeface used by Tailwind with an imported font.

Building a server selector with SVGPro

Lesson 65:49

See how to maintain a utility-first workflow when styling icons by working with inline SVG elements.

Transitioning rounded cornersPro

Lesson 74:29

Generate a one-off corner transition using the Just-In-Time engine.

Styling active linksPro

Lesson 85:08

Conditionally apply classes to target different application states.

Building the active indicatorPro

Lesson 911:23

Use groups to style child elements based on an ancestor's pseudostate.

Eliminating duplication with componentsPro

Lesson 1010:05

See how a reusable component removes duplicate classes without the need for a CSS architecture.

Building the server headerPro

Lesson 117:17

Customize Tailwind's shadows to recreate Discord's floating header.

Styling the channel listPro

Lesson 127:17

Learn how to use spacing and group utilities to style a list of dynamic items.

Dynamic categories and channelsPro

Lesson 1312:35

Map over JSON data to dynamically build up the channel list.

Styling the active channelPro

Lesson 149:01

Use nested router segments to build an active channel link.

Using a state variable to style unread channelsPro

Lesson 157:28

Style a channel's unread state using a simple pattern to improve readability.

Animated collapsible categoriesPro

Lesson 164:55

Use React state and Tailwind transitions to animate a collapsed category's icon.

Controlling layout with truncated textPro

Lesson 178:25

Use the truncate utility to control which panel grows or shrinks based on the available space.

Using the forms plugin to style the search boxPro

Lesson 186:01

Learn how to work with @tailwindcss/forms to recreate Discord's search box.

Styling dynamic messages with componentsPro

Lesson 197:03

Extract two versions of our component from Lesson 1 to render each channel's messages.

Dynamic server and channel linksPro

Lesson 203:21

Round out the app by replacing the remaining static text and links with dynamic data.

Hiding desktop navigation on mobile screensPro

Lesson 217:07

Use Tailwind's mobile-first responsive utilities to customize the interface on small screens.


Framer Motion Recipes

Add beautiful animations to your React apps using Framer Motion.

Multistep wizardFree

Lesson 125:15

Learn the basics of state-based animation with Framer Motion.

Email clientPro

Lesson 216:43

Add animation to unmounting elements using the versatile AnimatePresence component.

Fixed header: Part 1Pro

Lesson 318:54

Use scroll-based animation to smoothly grow and shrink a fixed header.

Fixed header: Part 2Pro

Lesson 417:08

Add a fading nav and a blurred background effect by extracting a reusable Hook.

Carousel: Part 1Pro

Lesson 514:00

Learn how to use the `x` shorthand property to smoothly animate an image container.

Carousel: Part 2Pro

Lesson 622:04

Use an animated aspect ratio to create a navigation bar inspired by iOS Photos.

Resizable panelPro

Lesson 734:19

Use measured height to resize a panel with dynamic content.


Lesson 839:47

Animate an infinite monthly calendar using direction-aware dynamic variants.

New course

My first Remix app

Learn the essentials of this popular React framework by building a personal work journal app.

Scaffolding a new appFree

Lesson 112:31

Create a brand new Remix project and add tooling for TypeScript, Tailwind and Prettier.

Creating an entry formPro

Lesson 222:49

Build the frontend form and define an action for our first user flow.

Saving new entriesPro

Lesson 320:44

Set up Prisma and SQLite to persist our dynamic data.

Adding pending UIPro

Lesson 415:12

Improve our form's UX with validations, default values, and a styled pending state.

Loading entriesPro

Lesson 58:22

Use our homepage's loader to render dynamic entries from our backend.

Displaying entries by weekPro

Lesson 624:09

Map and reduce our dynamic entries into weekly groups using the date-fns library.

Creating the edit pagePro

Lesson 713:43

Define a new dynamic route that loads an entry based on the URL.

Editing entriesPro

Lesson 89:47

Build a form and action that lets users edit entries.

Making the entry form reusablePro

Lesson 910:20

Refactor our form component so it can be used to both create and edit entries.

Deleting entriesPro

Lesson 1010:25

Learn how progressive enhancement works in Remix by making a form to delete entries.

Adding an authenticated statePro

Lesson 1123:43

Add a login route that lets admins sign in using a session cookie.

Coming soon

Lesson 12

Customizing the public UI

Use our session to hide the interactive parts of our app for guests.

Do your React components compose?Free

7 months ago15:47

See how to make truly reusable UI components with forwardRef and prop forwarding.

Preserving draft comments with useGlobalStatePro

8 months ago16:37

Learn how to use `react-hooks-global-state` to maintain ephemeral application state.

Hiding a sidebar on mobile without a hydration mismatchPro

9 months ago26:30

Use the screen width to seed some React state in a way that's robust to server-side rendering.

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