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Data fetching with React Server Components

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1h 15m
Ryan Toronto

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Ryan Toronto

Since its release 10 years ago, React's core APIs have remained surprisingly stable. The original component boundary that supports state and lifecycle methods still works to this day. Hooks were then added which introduced a new level of composition, bringing state and effects to functional components and marking the second era of React. And today, with the introduction of Server Components, we are entering React's third era of innovation.

This course covers the fundamentals of data fetching with React Server Components. You'll learn about the benefits that RSC brings to the development model by building a server-driven data table that is derived from the URL and supports features like searching and pagination. By the end of this course you'll feel comfortable working with Server Components, and you'll have a better grasp on which parts of your own applications could benefit from React's new architecture.


Building a users table4:55

Use Prisma to fetch data directly inside of a Server Component.

Adding server-side pagination7:26

Use query params to paginate the list of users.

Polishing the pagination controls16:17

Use Prisma's count function to build out the pagination area.

Adding client-side search9:19

Create a Client Component that re-renders the users table whenever a user types in the search field.

Preserving query params across interactions18:30

Refactor our URL logic to maintain all parameter values using URLSearchParams.

Adding Loading UI3:44

Render an instant loading screen while a Server Component fetches data.

Adjusting the loading boundary6:46

Use a custom Suspense boundary to instantly render the static parts of a page.

Showing pending UI during search3:42

Use a React Transition to render a spinner while a Server Component is updating.

Debouncing client-side search5:16

Wait until the user finishes typing before querying the database.

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