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Framer Motion
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Sam Selikoff

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Sam Selikoff

Framer Motion is a popular React animation library. It features both declarative and imperative APIs, so you can add common animations in just a few lines of code, or drop down a level to build truly custom effects. It's maintained by Framer, has an active community, and follows the latest best practices used in the React ecosystem.

In this course you'll learn Framer Motion from scratch by building six animated components. You'll start with the fundamentals of state-based animation, learn how to animate an unmounting component, create a reusable hook that can animate style properties on scroll, and use dynamic variants to customize an animation based on component state.

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Michelle Bakels

Headed to SF for NextjsConf — downloaded Framer Motion Recipes for the flight.

These videos are amazing and worth every penny!

Michelle Bakels

Organizer of React Miami

Brian Lovin

Sam Selikoff is one of the best programming teachers in the game.

I've been watching every YouTube video for the past while and learned so much.

Brian Lovin

Co-founder of Campsite

Hassan El Mghari

The videos are fantastic.

I have a ton of respect for Sam as an engineer and educator, truly world-class!

Hassan El Mghari

Developer Relations at Together AI


Multistep wizard25:15

Learn the basics of state-based animation with Framer Motion.

Email client16:43

Add animation to unmounting elements using the versatile AnimatePresence component.

Fixed header: Part 118:54

Use scroll-based animation to smoothly grow and shrink a fixed header.

Fixed header: Part 217:08

Add a fading nav and a blurred background effect by extracting a reusable Hook.

Carousel: Part 114:00

Learn how to use the `x` shorthand property to smoothly animate an image container.

Carousel: Part 222:04

Use an animated aspect ratio to create a navigation bar inspired by iOS Photos.

Resizable panel34:19

Use measured height to resize a panel with dynamic content.


Animate an infinite monthly calendar using direction-aware dynamic variants.

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