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Advanced Radix UI

Build rich UI components — without doing any of the boring work.

4 Lessons
2h 13m
Sam Selikoff

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Sam Selikoff

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Radix UI has become one of the most popular component libraries in the React ecosystem. It has more than 20 low-level primitives packed with functionality that make building custom UI components an absolute delight.

In this course you'll learn how to work with Radix's primitives by building four components with completely custom designs, interactions, and animations. You'll see how Radix stays out of the way of your styling code so that your components can match the design of your application down to the pixel, while ensuring they still support keyboard navigation, work on any device, and follow expected accessibility patterns.

What people say about our Radix videos

Benoît Grélard

Hey Sam, Radix author here!

I have to say, fantastic job showcasing some of the flexibility our APIs provide — in particular, that blink animation when selecting an item.

Fantastic work 👏

Mike Cebulski

Perfect timing for this video as I'm playing with shadcn/ui components.

I learned more with this video than any I've watched in the past 6 months.

Eduardo Bratz

Great Radix content!

Thank you so much for producing such high quality content for free!


Lesson 3: iOS Slider

Learn how to add custom interactions to Radix components by recreating the slider from iOS.


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Build rich UI components — without doing any of the boring work.

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