iOS Animated Switch

Recreation of iOS's switch control built with React Aria Components and Tailwind.


An animated switch component that includes iOS's visual treatment for the pressed state.

Libraries used


import { ComponentProps, ReactNode } from "react";
import { Switch as AriaSwitch } from "react-aria-components";

function Switch({
}: { children: ReactNode } & ComponentProps<typeof AriaSwitch>) {
  return (
      className="group inline-flex touch-none items-center"
      style={{ WebkitTapHighlightColor: "transparent" }}
      <span className="group-data-[selected]:bg-green-500 group-data-[focus-visible]:ring-2 mr-4 h-6 w-9 cursor-pointer rounded-full border-2 border-transparent bg-zinc-600 ring-offset-2 ring-offset-zinc-900 transition duration-200">
        <span className="group-data-[selected]:ml-3 group-data-[selected]:group-data-[pressed]:ml-2 group-data-[pressed]:w-6 block h-5 w-5 origin-right rounded-full bg-white shadow transition-all duration-200" />
// Usage
export default function Demo() {
  let [airplaneMode, setAirplaneMode] = useState(false);

  return (
      <Switch isSelected={airplaneMode} onChange={setAirplaneMode}>
        Airplane Mode

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