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My first Remix app

11 Lessons
2h 51m
Sam Selikoff

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Sam Selikoff

Remix is a modern full-stack React framework built on the foundations of the web platform. It layers the latest innovations in the frontend ecosystem on top of the core URL-based request-response cycle that made the web what it is today.

In this course you'll learn the fundamentals of Remix by building a personal Work Journal app. You'll set up a database, render pages with dynamic data, use actions and forms to write user input back to the database, explore nested routing, and finish by adding authentication and deploying your app. By the end you'll be able to build your own full-stack Remix app from scratch, and have a better understanding of how this thoughtfully designed framework combines the best of React with the fundamentals of the web.


Scaffolding a new appFree

Lesson 112:31

Create a brand new Remix project and add tooling for TypeScript, Tailwind and Prettier.

Creating an entry formPro

Lesson 222:49

Build the frontend form and define an action for our first user flow.

Saving new entriesPro

Lesson 320:44

Set up Prisma and SQLite to persist our dynamic data.

Adding pending UIPro

Lesson 415:12

Improve our form's UX with validations, default values, and a styled pending state.

Loading entriesPro

Lesson 58:22

Use our homepage's loader to render dynamic entries from our backend.

Displaying entries by weekPro

Lesson 624:09

Map and reduce our dynamic entries into weekly groups using the date-fns library.

Creating the edit pagePro

Lesson 713:43

Define a new dynamic route that loads an entry based on the URL.

Editing entriesPro

Lesson 89:47

Build a form and action that lets users edit entries.

Making the entry form reusablePro

Lesson 910:20

Refactor our form component so it can be used to both create and edit entries.

Deleting entriesPro

Lesson 1010:25

Learn how progressive enhancement works in Remix by making a form to delete entries.

Adding an authenticated statePro

Lesson 1123:43

Add a login route that lets admins sign in using a session cookie.

Coming soon

Lesson 12

Customizing the public UI

Use our session to hide the interactive parts of our app for guests.

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